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Author Topic: Guidelines  (Read 9106 times)

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« on: July 29, 2008, 02:01:30 AM »

I will make every effort toward meaningful contributions to our forum. My concern is in sharing information of value without violating our rules. Also, I am in complete agreement with disallowing spam. Products, resources, and providing credit for others' work would seem to at times, require links to commercial websites or sites that could contain them. Even non-profit organizations or trade associations may offer merchandise based on donations and include links to their members' businesses. Also, is the question of Youtube videos. My intent is not criticism, but would it be possible to articulate our guidelines.

"Ask not what the world needs.
Ask rather what makes your heart sing and go do that;
for what the world needs is people with hearts that sing."

-- Philip Thatcher, teacher and author
Ingrid Naiman

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« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2008, 03:14:14 AM »

Thank you for your question.  At this stage, we are looking for constructive input upon which we can build a cooperative community.  People who have experience or who have surfed the web and found those with experience are invaluable right now because we have to bring an idea into actuality and there are visions and concrete realities that have to integrate.  I hope that we never reach a point in which one person has the last word because, were this to happen, we would have fallen into all the old patterns that we can mostly agree are dysfunctional.  This is why posts that are clearly not spam but perhaps not appropriate can be moved to a quarantine where all the moderators can evaluate and suggest.

However, closer to what I believe your true question to be, there is an issue warranting consideration.  Let's say someone wants guidance on how to remove fluoride from the tap water and the body.  Actually, there are two questions here and most likely the co-op would not have any suitable devices on its shelves but it very likely has members who have wrestled with the issue and who are willing to share both technical and medical expertise.  Speaking only for myself, not for the group, I would most likely go along with a post that contained links to water purification devices, especially if the pros and cons of each device were evaluated by someone who had actually tested all the models or at least studied the specs and supporting literature and research.  If this link also included videos on YouTube about how to install the devices, it would be all right with me, but I do not want to dominate the group nor presume to know how others feel about such matters.

This said, many years ago, I wrote a paper for publication on Robert A. Millikan, a physicist who was one of the key figures at Caltech in its formative years.  He said that when eight highly intelligent people could not agree on something, the odds greatly favored the possibility that making a decision was premature.  That is a very loose paraphrase from memory, but the gist is clear.  We are also in the formative stages of a hugely idealistic undertaking and some very sincere and fine people are on board so we have to trust in the process.

However, before finishing this post, I would like to take up the other half of the hypothetical fluoride question.  Personally, and I emphasize that I am only speaking for myself, I would be reluctant to approve something for posting that recommended a particular protocol unless that recommendation was very soundly supported by research.  I believe this is important because one can be very well meaning and yet insufficiently informed.

Two quotes from my studies of Tibetan literature come to mind.  One, I believe, is from Milarepa who said,
"We whirl and whirl until into hell we fall."  The reference is to prayer wheels and is obviously the Tibetan equivalent of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."  The other is a bit similar and states basically that if one is lost yet poses as a guide to others, one does harm both to oneself and others.  I actually think there is too much wisdom in the group to allow this to happen, but it is also why some posts may require the intervention of moderators.

Finally, I might just add that this provision was put there partly to avoid some the pitfalls that are endemic to the herb world, i.e., constant fads and flavors of the month.  For the most part, we could probably argue that goldenseal was as valuable hundreds of years ago as today so hyping it to boost popularity and sales tends to cause serious astigmatisms in the public perception of herbalism and heavy demands on Nature that cannot be met.  It is far better to take a much longer-term view of all that Nature has to offer and to avoid bandwagons.

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