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Author Topic: Founding Meeting in Portland, Oregon, the weekend of December 13-14, 2008  (Read 4431 times)
Ingrid Naiman

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« on: December 11, 2008, 07:18:42 AM »

Dear Interested Persons,

Though this meeting is primarily for the purpose of creating the legal documents required for incorporation, these must somehow express the intent of the Ahimsa Cooperative.  Therefore, a listing of the needs to be met by the Co-op, the scope of the mission, and the objectives for the first phases of implementation are also appropriate topics to put on the table.

It is not expected that this meeting will be formal, rather a knocking around of ideas, particularly those in most urgent need of correction.  Speaking simply for myself and not for the group, I believe that the folly of concentrating immense power, including, of course, financial power, in the hands of the few has resulted in an ecological disaster with ramifications for the future of all species.  As if this were not already a big enough worry, the misuse of power on a massive scale has not resulted in more job security, more financial security, or better health.  It is therefore my belief that the time has come to ground the idea of customer owned and operated businesses in which all important decisions are group decisions and no one voice is more important than any other voice.

Though there is nothing absolutely new about these ideas, they are somewhat new in that Ahimsa Cooperative is potentially a global force for environmental and financial ethics that is spearheaded not by some back to nature or tribal inspiration but rather the ultra modern sense of how technology must be harmonized with Nature and money must be used to create harmony and security, not to exploit.

Our imaginations set the limit of what we might achieve and thus I invite those who might be interested in participating in the founding meeting to contact me or Nate for the time and place of our first in person gathering.
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