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Author Topic: Land Rescue and Management  (Read 3792 times)
Ingrid Naiman

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« on: July 08, 2009, 01:09:47 AM »

Approximately 300 people have signed up for updates on the Ahimsa Cooperative project but here is the synopsis of the efforts over the last year.

A core group of people generated a simply amazing number of hugely diverse and distracting ideas, all of which are superb. The proposals address the many concerns and issues people are facing.

As we are seeing, the public is losing faith in the financial systems that are in place, in the quality of our food and medicine, and in our management of resources. To shift the course of our beloved Planet onto a viable trajectory, absolute integrity is the first prerequisite. The second has to be that sustainable practices replace predatory ones.

Anticipating this, I started bioethika.com and bioethika.net as movements in which, among other things, cooperation replaces competition. For many this is an entirely new concept but the final stage of competition is inevitably self-destructing because the fact is we are not just interdependent but one.

Granted, this fact is yet to be realized but the movement towards community is a step in this direction and there are countless more steps necessary in order to reorganize productively and sustainably.

Among the many suggestions put forth during this year of brain storming and planning is the need to have a strong cooperatively owned and managed financial vehicle for (1) purchasing farms and perhaps even factories that are in distress and (2) applying new management to operate these properties, many of which would otherwise wind up in foreclosure and on the auction block.

To achieve this, we have knocked around a concept of an alternative investment in which people could take funds, even retirement funds, out of conventional investment vehicles and redirect them to constructive endeavors such as sustainable food production and alternative energy, construction, and generally green initiatives. The primary investors would have the equivalent of what we might consider as preferred stock, secured against the real property. Members would be able to participate as consumers and there would be ample training programs and opportunities for long-term work/trade situations so that more and more people acquire the experience necessary to apply their skills wherever those skills are needed.

There is no theoretical or hypothetical limit to how this would grow. For instance, people could stay at the main farm/headquarters for a few weeks, months, or years and then start something similar in another part of the country or in another part of the world. The difference between this concept and the variations of it you find elsewhere is that there would be actual owners and investors and members, not just students or seminar participants and gurus.

We have been discussing this for months and could probably have continued knocking around ideas for several more months but there is a property that requires immediate attention so we decided to ask now who is interested in this and we want to see if there is any way we can raise about half a million within 2-3 weeks to rescue this particular property from the fate that looms over it.

This is a straw poll and our lawyer is drafting the documents that any sensible person would demand to see before forking over funds. This much I will say, the farm is near Portland, Oregon, and could conceivably service residents of Portland as well, of course, as Vancouver, Washington, and other more densely populated urban areas in the vicinity.

Please respond to me personally if this particular project interests you.
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